Variable Types

To help you explore the data, here we have organized the variables according to their general "type." Specifically, there are six broad categories: 1) "nationalism" variables, including the "protest" and "rebellion" event variables derived from the indices to El País; 2) political opportunity structure (POS) variables; 3) "identity" variables, which tap regional-level ethnopolitical identity, 4) "means" variables, which tap regional capacity- and mobilization-related factors; 5) "motives" variables, which relate to grievances and other motivating factors; and 6) several "miscellaneous" variables. For further description of these categories, refer to the articles listed in the publications page. The unit of analysis for all variables is the region/year.

Gregory Saxton
Assistant Professor
Schulich School of Business
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Michelle Benson
Associate Professor
Dept. of Political Science
University at Buffalo, SUNY