Graphic Summary of Nationalist Contention by Region

A second dependent variable, used in Saxton & Benson (2008) and Benson & Saxton (2010), is a scaled variable measuring the "level of regional nationalist political expression." For each year we assign every region (autonomous community) one of the following scores depending on the highest level of political expression that takes place:

  1. no claims-making (no nationalist contention)
  2. electoral (nationalist parties obtain 5 per cent or more of regional electoral vote)
  3. protest (two or more nationalist protest events)
  4. rebellion (two or more nationalist rebellious events).
To view these data graphically for each autonomous community between 1977 and 1996, select a region and press submit:

Andalusia Cantabria Madrid
Aragon Castilla y Leon Murcia
Asturias Castilla-la Mancha Navarra
Balearic Islands Catalonia la Rioja
Basque Country Extremadura Valencia
Canary Islands Galicia