Publications using Spanish Nationalism Dataset

Michelle A. Benson and Gregory D. Saxton. 2010. "The Dynamics of Ethnonationalist Contention." British Journal of Political Science, 40(2): 305-331. Web Appendix

Gregory D. Saxton and Michelle A. Benson. 2008. "Means, Motives, and Opportunities in Ethno-Nationalist Mobilization." International Interactions, 34(1): 53-83.

Gregory D. Saxton. 2005. "Repression, Grievances, Mobilization and Rebellion: A New Test of Gurr's Model of Ethnopolitical Rebellion." 2005. International Interactions, 31(1): 87-116. Stata replication dataset,   Stata .do file

Gregory D. Saxton. 2004. "Structure, Politics, and Ethno-Nationalist Contention in Post-Franco Spain: An Integrated Model." 2004. Journal of Peace Research, 41(1): 25-46. Web Appendices,   Stata replication dataset,   Stata .do file

For replication datasets or Stata .do files for any of these papers, please contact us. A full list of all variables used in each article is also available in the Codebook area of the site.

Gregory Saxton
Assistant Professor
Schulich School of Business
York University

Michelle Benson
Associate Professor
Dept. of Political Science
University at Buffalo, SUNY