Graphic Summary of Nationalist Contention by Region

The key variables in the database are the annual event count indicators—the number of violent (rebellion) and non-violent (protest) nationalist contentious actions in each of the 17 autonomous communities of Spain from 1977 to 1996. The rules for coding an event as ‘protest’ or ‘rebellion’ were analogous to those given to Minorities at Risk coders. All intentionally violent contentious actions are coded as rebellion. All activities without this intention are coded as protest events. Riots and other spontaneous outbursts of violence are thus considered to be protest behavior (Source: annual indices to El País, 1977 – 1996). To view these data graphically, select a region and press 'submit':

Andalusia Cantabria Madrid
Aragon Castilla y Leon Murcia
Asturias Castilla-la Mancha Navarra
Balearic Islands Catalonia la Rioja
Basque Country Extremadura Valencia
Canary Islands Galicia

In two of our articles we also developed a new scaled measure of the level of ethno-nationalist political "expression." You can explore this variable graphically by region here.