Data and replication archive

There are two main datasets. The core of the data is the region/year dataset that was used in four peer-reviewed publications. The key dependent variables examined are based on the number of violent and non-violent nationalist contentious actions undertaken by regional nationalist actors throughout Spain from 1977 to 1996. The dataset contains 20 years' worth of annual data on each of Spain's 17 autonomous communities; i.e., 340 total observations. You can explore these data—including all variables used in the studies—in the Codebook area of this site. You can also download the entire dataset and associated codebook.

A second dataset contains the 4,051 El País article summaries that form the basis for the annually aggregated data. Each summary contains a report of a violent or nonviolent "contentious action" by regional nationalist actors. These data were gathered via a non-sampled investigation of the annual índices de El País, which contain categorized summary reports of all articles appearing in the regular print version. You can explore these summaries in the El País section of this site.

Gregory Saxton
Assistant Professor
Schulich School of Business
York University

Michelle Benson
Associate Professor
Dept. of Political Science
University at Buffalo, SUNY