El País data

The El País dataset contains the 4,051 article summaries that form the basis for the annually aggregated data. Each summary contains a report of one or more violent or nonviolent "contentious actions" by regional nationalist actors. Here you can explore these data in several ways. This page contains a random set of five entries from the dataset—hit the "refresh" button to generate a new set. You can also search through the 4,051 entries by keyword. On a separate page you can browse through the entries in chronological order. Lastly, you can see a "word cloud" generated from the entire text contained in the dataset entries.

For more about the data, please see the About section or the Web Appendix to our 2010 article in the British Journal of Political Science.

5 random entries from the El País database (refresh)

Gregory Saxton
Research Assistant Professor
Dept. of Communication
University at Buffalo, SUNY

Michelle Benson
Associate Professor
Dept. of Political Science
University at Buffalo, SUNY